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An Integrative Approach to Stress Management

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An integrated – holistic approach to stress management – West Chester, Allentown, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Newark, Wilmington, and Milford, Delaware based Telehealth Counselor- Therapist Paula Tropiano, LPC, LCMH


Recovering from prolonged – compounded stress requires a multi-pronged approach to stress management. Whether I’m working with someone who is getting out of a problematic relationship, in addiction recovery, has depression or chronic anxiety, or has work problems, I work with the whole person, using a holistic – skills-based approach. Why? Because each person is unique – One size does not fit all.

First and foremost, it’s always important to know what one’s baseline is for stress. Personal histories are essential to understand, as are physical and mental health issues and any issues treated that require medications. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon (although unintentional) for mental health issues to be untreated, under-treated, or misdiagnosed, especially concerning anxiety and mood. Mismanaged mental health issues can become immense sources of inner distress and create additional problems. Likewise, other chronic health conditions, although managed, can also create discomfort and difficulties.

Since the environments in which we live and operate significantly impact our functioning and well-being, understanding the people, communication, and support at home and on the job is essential, as is relationship and family history. Positive people can be good medicine, and negative communication can diminish our health!

Stress Management Basics:

  • Take all prescribed medications by your doctor.
  • Stay hydrated – drink water
  • Eat healthily – make time to prepare healthy homemade food.
  • Get 7-8 hrs sleep nightly.
  • Get sunshine
  • Make time to breathe and unwind
  • Walk twenty – minutes, plus daily and move around.
  • Give yourself some compassion.

The key to moving through and beyond harmful stress and feeling of powerlessness is developing self–management skills to build a more positive solution-focused mindset, flexibility, and resilience.

Focusing on stress management and reduction including how we work with the mind and thinking, creating a strong-positive support system, being able to advocate for yourself, and building emotion regulation skills are vital in designing a lifestyle of healthy habits that promote personal health and satisfaction over the long term.

Each of us has our formula and path for optimizing our health and sense of well-being over the long term!

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I’m a collaborative, skills-based counselor. I work with adult clients to increase their awareness, build the skills and resources they need to be more resilient and stress-hardy, and better manage themselves, their relationships, and problems more effectively.

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