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We’ll work together in my convenient and confidential virtual office to get you moving in a positive direction – Living your best life.

My Approach & Focus

I counsel motivated adults to develop behavioral skills to change unhelpful/unhealthy behaviors, reduce mental health symptoms, and improve relationships and communication – To be more skilled, flexible-minded, and stress-hardy.

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Increasing Awareness ā€“ Flexible Mindset

Increasing awareness and being more mindful enables us to control our minds versus our minds controlling us - a core skill needed for focus and helps with anxiety, overwhelm, and behavioral control - being present in the moment with what is.

Managing Difficult Emotions & Impulses

Understanding and responding to strong emotions in a healthy non-reactive way helps prevent unwanted and unintended behaviors, such as angry outbursts, hurtful remarks, and emotional shutdowns that cause negative fall-out and create regret and suffering.

Running hands through the water to reduce stress

Reducing Vulnerability to Distress

Reducing vulnerability to distress through building resilience and learning to calm oneself helps us make it through emotional incidents without making them worse, reduce feelings of overwhelm, and prevent turning to unhealthy ways of coping; food, alcohol, and other addictive - self-defeating behaviors.

Man speaking to woman with effecting interpersonal skills

Learning to Self-Advocate

Our interpersonal skills are critical to advocating for ourselves and creating positive, balanced relationships with others. Being able to say "No" and negotiate your needs prevents resentment, feelings of guilt, obligation, and avoidance.

It's often tough to make that first call or send an email to a counselor. So, I try to make things easier:

Here are three ways to get started:

  1. Call: 484-868-0468
  2. Email:
  3. Visit Simple Practice to get started and schedule a free 10ā€“15-minute consult with me, via our HIPAA compliant service portal.
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